Wedding videography in the UK

~ beautiful, unique, natural wedding videos ~

I am an independent videographer based in London with a passion for making beautiful and emotive films which capture the natural energy and excitement of your day.

Weddings are such delightful events to be a part of, always filled with so much joy, and I take great pleasure capturing them on film which is evident in the story I tell through my composition, editing and music choices.

I film in a reportage style, meaning that I capture events as they happen in a candid and unobtrusive way. I don't believe you need anything more than this to create a hugely sentimental depiction of your day that you are sure to treasure forever: No staging, cumbersome equipment or cheesy love songs required, just an honest record of your unique day that feels real and true to your experience, that you'll get immense pleasure from re-living again and again!


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